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CSMA Vocal Students Rai, Phoebe & Coco as guest performers at the Band Sound Concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum

What We Do At CSMA

We provide pro-level coaching and performance opportunities for people who are serious about becoming top-notch singers.


Our Vocal Coaches are personally trained by HK's Legendary Vocal Coach and Founder Christine Samson to help you get noticeable results in the quickest, safest and most effective way possible.

You'll understand how to singing freely and powerfully, and you'll get vocal exercises tailored to YOUR VOICE that will put you on the fast-track to vocal success.

Private lessons are suitable for both beginners and professionals alike, from 8 years old and up.

30-minute classes available for children under 8 years old on a case-by-case basis.

我們的聲樂教練均由香港傳奇聲樂教練和創始人Christine Samson親自培訓,可幫助您以最快,最安全,最有效的方式獲得顯著效果。




Gratitude From Some of Our Celebrity Clients

Our founder Christine Samson with her long-time student and mega pop star Joey Yung 容祖儿

To Dear Krystal,

Thank you so much for being such a big part of this album! You have truly been such an inspiration to my work!

Jonathan Wong 王梓軒

Dearest Auntie Christine,

Thank you so much for your love and support. Without you, I wouldn't have done this album.. 

Aarif Rahman 李治廷

Dearest Christine & Krystal,

Thanks for all your love and time. You both are the sweetest thing.

Fiona Sit 薛凱琪

Dear Christine,

Thanks so much for teaching me! It's an honour to be your student.

G.E.M 鄧紫棋

Dearest Christine,

Happy New Year & thank you so much for support and carings always!

Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅

Dearest Krystal,

Thanks so much for your advice and guidance!

Kelly Chen 陳慧琳

Dearest Krystal,

I still remember clearly it was in 2014 that I wanted to really train my vocals with you, and I'm so glad to see the results. Thank you for being patient with me! I hope you will enjoy the album as much as I do!

Kary Ng 吳雨霏

Dear Krystal,

THANK YOU! You are my vocal saviour! However I'll keep at it!

Robynn 葉晴晴

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