The Life of an Aspiring Singer Ch.One

July 8th, 2019

Hello, welcome to my first ever post. My name is Kayla and the founders of CSMA have asked me to document my experience as I embark on my new vocal journey here in Hong Kong.

I hope that through my sharing, you will also pick up a few things because we all know how difficult singing can be! I want to cover any topics you guys would be interested in or want to learn more about so please let me know down below!

Prior to coming to CSMA, I had a lot of questions whether this studio was right for me. I’ve had many instructors before but haven’t been able to commit to any vocal methodologies that I found truly helpful. So I had a few questions to ask Krystal, co-founder of CSMA, and here’s a summary of the conversation we had on our first session together. I hope these pointers will be useful for any beginner singers out there (or even seasoned ones too!) who may be considering working with a vocal coach as well!

Can anyone learn to sing better? Is there hope for me?

Of course! Anyone with a working voice can be taught to sing or sing better, given they practice – just like everything else in life! The key is to recognize your blocking habits that prevent you from fully exploring your vocal spectrum with ease and work to remove those barriers.

It’s also important to be open-minded to exploring new areas of your voice, as this is what will help you break those habits. So of course there’s hope! Remember, confidence in your future singing self comes from:

  1. Understanding how your own voice works and sounds
  2. Training your ears to hear and appreciate your unique vocal qualities
  3. Recognizing your blocking habits and why they are hindering you from truly singing at your best
  4. Getting helpful, constructive feedback that will help you better understand your voice and how to improve your singing
  5. And finally – practice, practice, practice!

Consistency is key because just like any exercise, whether it’s vocal or body exercises, when you have stopped for a prolonged period of time, many physiological changes occur. You begin to lose the vocal gains you’ve made and it will feel like you are back at the beginning stages of learning. So in short, yes! You definitely can learn to sing!

How do I know my vocal instructor is right for me?

Learning to sing can definitely be intimidating for some people so of course a teacher who is kind, respectful, and passionate to help you improve is a good start! Whether you are a beginner or professional, you should choose a teacher who not only can recognize specific areas of your voice that needs work, but who also can explain what’s happening with your voice in a way that makes sense to you.




















Your vocal teacher should also be able to lay out a strategy that gives you clear action steps on how you can improve.

And finally, the best coaches I’ve ever worked with also have coaches of their own! I highly recommend that you find a teacher who continues to train and improve their own skills on a regular basis. There is always more to learn and you definitely want to work with a coach who practices what they preach!

I can’t wait to begin my journey with you all. I hope that through this blog, I can inspire you to begin your very own journey as well!

Happy Singing Everyone!

— Kayla