Group Singing Classes

Because Great Vocal Technique Can Only Take You So Far...

At CSMA, we understand that developing your vocal technique is only part of the journey of becoming a great singer.

This is why we regularly partner with the very best music professionals and coaches in the industry to bring unique learning experiences for those who truly want to be the BEST vocal performers that they can be.

Our Masterclasses are Perfect for those who...

  • Want to take their vocal skills to a whole new level
  • Want to learn to be come a more versatile, well-rounded vocal performer
  • Want to take their learning from the classroom onto the stage, in the recording studio, or even on YouTube! 
  • Are considering a career as a singer
  • Want to gain insider knowledge and skills from music industry experts
  • Want to learn with a group of like-minded singing enthusiasts
  • Just want to have a great time learning from an amazing group of highly talented and inspiring individuals!

Check out our Upcoming Masterclasses

  • Secrets to Vocal Success by Hong Kong's Top Vocal Coaching Team
  • Sing with Confidence: Overcome Your Fear of Performing by Celebrity Guest Coach Dasu
  • Become a Masterful Stage Performance by Legendary Hong Kong Performer and CSMA Performance Consultant Danny Diaz
  • Vocal Powerhouse: How to Use Vocal Technique to Become a More Powerful & Engaging Speaker by CSMA's Top Vocal Coach and Co-Founder Krystal Diaz
  • More coming soon...

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