Pure Singing

What is Pure Singing?

Pure Singing was created by the dynamic mother-daughter vocal coaching team Christine Samson and Krystal Diaz. It is a methodology for vocal training that is derived from over 50 years of professional vocal teaching and performance experience, as well as extensive research in the field of vocal pedagogy. It is a methodology that we are also constantly evolving and improving based on new discoveries and developments in the world of vocal science.

The Pure Singing method balances a systematic approach with creative discovery. It follows a philosophy that singing is not about finding the perfect voice, but rather discovering the abundant possibilities of energetic sounds that the voice can create. In our school of thought, to sing pure is to be able to creatively choose and express sounds that resonate with oneself and others in an authentic, unadulterated manner.

Pure Singing outlines Three Cornerstones to Vocal Power. These cornerstones are the foundation of the Pure Singing approach and forms the basis from which we train our teachers and students. 

Pure Singing’s 3 Cornerstones to Vocal Power

1. Audiate

2. Resonate

3. Captivate

Our vocal students come from all walks of life and range from complete beginners to some of Asia’s biggest performing artists.

What Our Students Have to Say:

Following the footsteps of my father, I intended to bring my daughter to gain confidence by being more comfortable with her vocals. With kid’s busy schedules these days, together with my long-time interest in singing, I took my daughter’s spot instead. It’s one of my best decisions.

I thought I was able to sing before but after 10+ years, I am still improving and have realized how little I was able to do before. I feel much more confident in approaching different keys, can hear when I am not in the right spot and much more. Most importantly, instead of trying to sing, I feel that I have found my voice and am free to express emotions with it.

I love the comfort that Krystal gives me to be myself. We always seem to find things to laugh about and improvements to be excited about. CSMA Studio is like a second home to me and I always feel welcomed.

There is no limit to what you can do with your voice. It takes persistence but most importantly, it takes a good coach to guide you through the process. I have had vocal coaches where tricks were taught to compensate. The Pure Singing method aims to have me singing naturally without trying to over control or use tricks.

Alick K

When i first came in 2009 I mainly just wanted to improve my singing skills along with a friend. I eventually started coming on my own for lessons. From only singing in Karaoke with friends, I now perform regularly in a band and am a featured guest performer at a charity fundraising concert held for the public once/twice a year. Krystal has become a close personal friend and I am even in the process of recording my own songs in the studio.

Christine N

I was influenced musically by my mother from a young age but I always shied away from the limelight.

When I returned from my tertiary studies, I was just singing informally at home and my brother in law made a comment that I would never do that in public. Never one to shy away from a dare, I sought lessons with the amazing Krystal Diaz.

When I first started with Krystal, I was very shy and barely opened my mouth!

Fast forward ten years on and I’m more confident on and off the stage, have performed in two CSMA Studio vocal groups and have recorded a few songs at their recording studio. Thanks to Krystal and the Pure Singing method, I am more sure about me and know more about the power of ‘my voice’!

Jessica Y




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