Vocal Exercise Routine No. 1

Objective: Focus on exercises that help you smoothen out your first bridge.

What this means:

When you sing, you may notice that there’s a break between the lower and upper parts of your range. This is a transition area called the first bridge or “passagio”. 

When you get to this part of your voice, you may feel stuck, like there’s a barrier that you have to “jump” over. You may also notice that your lower notes sound quite different from your higher notes.  Most like you find that your higher notes seem to sound much weaker than your lower notes.

The exercises in “Vocal Exercise Routine 1” can help you become more aware of where this first bridge is in your voice and how to slowly navigate your way through this bridge in a balanced, unforced way. 

When you practice these vocal exercises, pay particular attention to where you notice this break happening in your voice. Think of the exercises as tools that you can use to explore and navigate your way through this middle section of your range.

The goal for you is to learn how to connect right through the bridge so that you no longer have to feel like you must jump over that section of the voice. 

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